Licences and Permits

The angler is legally required to be in possession of a licence when fishing for salmon or sea trout. They can be bought from a number of sources, including fishing tackle shops and fishery offices. The price and the duration of a licence will vary.
Salmon Licence Fees (2013)

All Districts (i.e. all Regions) Annual: €100
Juvenile (under the age of 18 years) All Districts Annual: €10
One District, Annual: €56
All districts, 21 Days: €40
All districts, 1 Day: €20

Salmon & Sea Trout Conservation and Management

National bag limit for sea trout – anglers can catch 3 sea trout in a 24 hour period (in open rivers).

National bag limit for salmont – anglers can catch up to 10 salmon in a season depending on the licence they purchase and the rivers they fish.

The salmon and sea trout angling regulations are reviewed annually and are subject to change. Details of current salmon and sea trout regulations.
Catch and Release

When purchasing a licence in Ireland, one will be issued with tags and a copy of the rules and regulations governing their use. These new rules include bag limits and restrictions on the style of angling. It is important that anglers familiarise themselves with the rules of the particular fishery they are on.

‘Catch and release’ is now strongly promoted in Ireland. If fishing ‘catch and release’ there are a number of points to consider

Play the fish hard and fast
Keep the fish in the water
Wet hands before touching the fish
Ensure fish recovers by holding it facing into the current if possible
Catch and release guidelines

On Catch and Release Fisheries, the law requires you to adhere to the following regulations;

Use single barbless hooks – i.e. for fly, spinner and bait (prawn)
The use of worms is banned
Samon angling regulations and tagging scheme.

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