The Fishing

What’s available in Kerry1st salmon of 2002 Adjusted

Visitors to the West Coast of Ireland are spoilt for choice with so much fishing available. Not only is the sheer amount of angling available massive but the size of some of the Loughs is physically daunting. A week’s fishing break is just simply not long enough to get to know 3,500 acres of water or five miles of river. Local knowledge of the water, or lack of it , weather conditions and flies can make or break your visit.

Gone Fishing has taken out all the guess-work so that you can enjoy your game angling without distraction. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list but it does cover all the main fisheries. There are literally hundreds of small streams, rivers and hill Loughs, most of which hold small brown trout and a lot of them have runs of salmon and sea trout. These are where a stronger local knowledge and timing are even more important, but do try your hand anywhere you can get access – you might be surprised at what you might catch in one of these little streams!

Remember though, stealth is the key. These fish are really wild and spooky.