Facilities at The Old Farmhouse and the surrounding area.

For the Fisherman

There is a drying room in the barn just four steps to the rear of the property, where you will find wader and boot racks, rod hanging brackets and a hanging drying line. The centre section of this barn is open so the air can freely circulate and dry any damp gear very quickly. In addition the house has a tumble dryer if you need to hurry things along.

Local style salmon and trout flies are available for purchase at cost when on organised fishing trips. If you tie you own flies certain local materials will also be made available. I will always be happy to tie any flies on request. Otherwise there are flies and tackle for sale at John O’Hares in Kenmare or Tigh O’Sullivans at Waterville.

An eight seat four wheel drive Toyota MPV is used on all expeditions which enables us to get to some out of the way fishings. This vehicle has massive luggage space, more than enough for six or seven peoples fishing gear.

A selection of new and used rods and tackle suitable for the local fishing is always kept to hand. The new tackle is available for purchase if required.


All the heating is via modern electric wall mounted radiant and convection heaters controlled by a time clock. These are very efficient but like all electrical appliances they are expensive to run. Please take care not to leave heating on unnecessarily. Your rent includes electricity used.

Public Transport

You must be joking!


The nearest public telephone is at the bottom of our lane by Blackwater Bridge. Mobile phone signals are much better than in the UK. I have rarely not been able to get a signal other than in the deepest parts of the mountains.


There is ample parking and turning for up to four vehicles at the house but please keep the gates closed at all times as there is often cattle in the lane.


There are three dustbins in the barn. One each for Bottles, Food waste and one for paper and burnable items. There is an open incinerator behind the barn if required.


There are more doctors in Kenmare than you can shake a stick at. Numbers for these are listed at the house. There is a hospital in Kenmare but it does not have an emergency unit. Find a doctor for this they all seem to be ably equipped to deal with reasonable emergencies. I once sliced my finger to the bone whilst rebuilding the house and a doctor in Kenmare stitched it for me no trouble. No anaesthetic either; but you can’t have everything can you?


Likewise there are a few of these about too, but not quite so accessible.


There is a shop at the local Tavern – The Blackwater Tavern – Teddy and Mary are very friendly and it is traditional to have a pint or five when popping in for some bits and pieces. You might not get back in time for dinner though so be warned. There is a good range of shops and three supermarkets in Kenmare. SuperValue is probably the easiest and most like Tescoes or Sainsburys. Don’t forget though everything is in Euros so it looks dear at first glance.


Apart from the Tavern mentioned above there is Pat Spillanes on the way into Kenmare and Kenmare itself it designed and built around bars and pubs. I’ve never been able to count them all. The is also a very good pub in Sneem, The Blue Bull. Now don’t get me wrong this is not just a meeting place for all us mad fishermen in season but a very lively pub on a Friday and Saturday night. Definitely not the place for your old Granny!


In Kenmare between all the pubs and bars there is a restaurant of some kind or other. These range right across the food and price spectrum and if you can’t find something to your liking here there’s no pleasing you. There are also a range of very good value eateries in Sneem. The best has to be The Sacre Cuer. Try their half a chicken and chips. The last time I ate there I thought they misheard me and served us with half an Ostrich each. I have never seen chickens this big before!


There are two banks in town also who will gladly exchange your money and both have holes in the wall. I have always found that it is cheapest to use your plastic for cash or in the shops. This generally gives you the best exchange rate, especially if you have a debit card.

If there is anything else you think should be here let us know and we can add it in.