Upper Caragh River

Catch: Salmon, Sea Trout and Brown Trout

Location: The Upper Caragh River runs from Lough Caragh up to Lough Cloon.

Description: This is one of the best managed rivers in Co.Kerry and really has to be one of the best and most consistently prolific spring salmon rivers in Ireland. The river is very easily accessed and is one of my personal favorites. Rotation of the beats is on a daily basis. Wading is not generally required. It has an excellent run of summer salmon and good grilse fishing. Other fish caught here are Brown trout and Sea trout.

Season: Salmon fishing is between January 17th – September 30th, Brown trout are caught from February 15th – October 12th, while Sea trout are taken between January 17th – October 12th.

Cost: Fishing on the Upper Caragh are primarily let by the week from 28th Feb to 4th July and the river will accommodate up to seven rods comfortably. Daily permits are subject to availability during this period.

9th Feb – 7th March €350.00 per week. €65.00 per day.
8th March – 9th May €530.00 per week. €95.00 per day.
10th May – 4th July €600.00 per week. €115.00 per day.
5th July – 30th Sept €350.00 per week. €65.00 per day.

Weekly bookings allow full free use of boats on Lough Caragh, Cloon and Acoose.

Other costs:
Daily Trout permits per rod in tributaries – €10.00
Daily Salmon in tributaries – €15.00
Bookings can be made through Gone Fishing. Deposits are required.

Methods: Fly, spinning. Bag limit of three spring salmon per week and twelve grilse per week. Catch and release thereafter with barbless hooks.

Fly and Spinner, and Bait: Toby’s are one of the most popular spinners. Shrimp pattern flies are the most successful.