River Keelduff

Catch: Salmon, Sea Trout and Brown Trout

Location: Keelduff River is the upper reaches of the Blackwater River from above the fork just below Gearha Bridge up to Lough Brin. It generally refered to as the Blackwater.

Description: The first section of this river is very overgrown and access is quite difficult. There are numerous smaller holding pools and plenty of long glides and riffles. These tend to be good for brown trout and running Sea trout. Just above Gearha North tehe Bog Pools start and run upstream for nearly two miles. Theriver here runs between banks cut through the peat bogs and in places the water is very deep. The whole length of this part is like one huge long holding pool and fish take up lies along its length. This is no place for the unwary as the banks are very undercut in places and liable to collapse. Also the bog banks are very soft in prolonged wet spells with plenty of traps to step into. Further up, the river cuts through greensand and becomes quite small and narrow with numerous deep holes, which hold good brown trout and some Sea trout later in the season. The water here is very clear and the fish spook very easily.

Season: 17th March 30th September

Cost: Day tickets are now available at the Blackwater Tavern when the fishery hut is not attended. Day ticket fishing starts at 09:00 until 12:00 midnight. €35.00 per day.

Methods: Fly and worm.

Fly and Spinner, and Bait: As for the Lower Blackwater but smaller sizes