Lough Cloon

Catch:Mainly brown trout with and salmon in the lower lakes.

Location: The Lakes of Acoose, Cloon and Reagh are all located on the Caragh river system north-west of Kenmare town and near Dingle Bay.

Description: The lower lakes contains Brown trout and salmon from early May onwards.  The upper lough Acoose brown trout and salmon from August onwards.

Season: Salmon fishing is between January 17th – September 30th, Brown trout are caught from February 15th – October 12th.

Cost: Lough bout hire with engine €60.00 pr day.  Salmon permits € awaiting updated price for 2014

Methods: All methods allowed.  Fly, spin, worm and prawn.

Fly, Spinner, and Bait: For trout a small golden olive bumbles, Bibios, any small emerger patterns. Blue charms .